KidZee family is started in 2017 by an entrepreneurial mom, with the idea of protecting the sensitive skin of children while responding to the parents’ search for comfort. We made sure that our products deliver comfort and practicality while touching the imaginary world of the children with our creative colors and print designs.

Quality, usefulness, comfort, and creativity: We designed the Zee-Suits by thinking the best for our children and considering the difficulties experienced by many parents. We aim to make a difference with our products, focusing on the details that make daily life a bit easier and creatively combining these functional details with our bold colors.

Our top priority when designing our sleeping suits has always been the well-being of our children. For this reason, we give extra attention to use water-based, certified, and safe fabric dyes. The breathable, soft, and stretchy fabric we use in our overalls allows the children to move freely from their first attempt to walk and feel cozy while sleeping.

We design every detail in our products with love, care, and compassion to witness the children growing up happily and peacefully. Our biggest dream is to be a part of your beautiful memories and colorize your photos framed on the wall, so we would be more than honored to become a part of your life.

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