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TOG Value and Healthy Sleeping Conditions


What is Tog?

The first production of “TOG rated” fabrics started to be used in England in 1940 to prevent sudden infant and child deaths. TOG is an industry measurement for thermal insulation of a product and stands for Thermal Resistance that tells you the temperature of a particular item. The thermal resistance measure indicates the temperature of a particular item using TOG to show the temperature of sleeping suits. The higher the TOG value gets, the warmer it is. Knowing the difference in TOG ratings helps you choose the right sleeping suit for your precious ones.

Since TOG is an industrial measurement, it helps us to make comparisons in the correct use of different products. You can find the right TOG value for yourself on the KidZee website.

To understand the temperature of a sleeping suit, you have to look at the TOG rather than the thickness of the fabric. TOG is always the most accurate indicator of how the temperature of a product is and how misleading its thickness can be. Some fabrics may feel thicker, but a thinner fabric has a higher TOG rating.

TOG measures temperature, cannot measure comfort; so we prefer first-class materials while producing our sleeping suits. Kidzee overalls prevent the heat from escaping with the best quality modal and cotton fabric they use and allow the fabric to breathe until the morning.


How to select the right TOG Value?

There are 3 main items;

1) Your baby’s room temperature

This temperature may vary according to the seasons, the room temperature may change seasonally. It may be affected by the increase in air conditioning in summer and heating systems in winter. Always check your room temperature before tucking your baby in.

2) What we clothe beneath the sleeping suits

Although it is one of the most important factors; Cotton or modal short-sleeved, sleeveless, and suspended bodysuits are the most appropriate clothes for our TOG precious fabrics.

3) Your child’s body temperature

Body temperature may differ in children just like adults. Some of the little ones may need extra heat. While more thermal insulation may be needed to keep them warm, some of us may require less heat. You can measure the temperature that your child needs most accurately with the clothes you wear during the day.

The role of sleeping suits is very important to prevent sudden child body temperature changes. Sleeping suits allow children to sleep in a safe and healthy environment. It should be neither too cold nor too hot while children are sleeping. Overheating poses a serious danger, especially for our little ones, so it is one of the environmental factors in sudden baby syndrome. Apart from affecting the sleep quality of our little ones, as a result of researches on health functions, an effect has been observed.

Correct TOG promises safe and healthy sleep to your children by eliminating this problem at the right temperature during the night.

Tog Testing

The TOG test uses a TOG meter to measure the temperature in a fabric’s structure. To find a TOG value, TOG experts compare with an insulation sample, the test sample with a sample at a constant temperature, and the TOG value is obtained.

The TOG meter reads the temperature difference between the sample, and the experts calculate the TOG of the product using a mathematical formula.

We wish you all a healthy and happy sleep …

KidZee family

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